Gemma Garbett

Founder of Miracles to Joy Coaching,
Medium, Speaker and Holistic Therapist

Hi I'm Gemma, 

I am so grateful that you have joined me here on my page. I am the creator and Founder of Soulpreneur Coaching, a Medium, Holistic Therapist and Speaker based in Dudley in the West Midlands. I am Mum to two awesome kids and have a fabulous supportive husband.

My spiritual Path started when I was a child. I have always been able to see/hear spirit. However, I was bought up Catholic and my gifts switched off due to not being believed. This came back in my late teens/Early 20's, but my true awakening happened just before the birth of my son.

I have been working professionally as a Medium for nearly a decade and I am honoured that spirit work through me to comfort their loved ones.

In 2013, after the birth of my Daughter I decided that I would not return to my school job and I would devote my work to spirit. It has been a wonderful journey and in 2017, after working with some amazing Life and Business Coaches, I founded Soulpreneur Coaching. 

I enjoy my work and my purpose is to help people life an awesome life.

Outside of work I meditate, do Yoga, draw and try and get outside as much as possible. I enjoy embracing my inner child with my children and spending time with my friends. I live  a divinely guided life and I love helping others to do the same.