Gemma Garbett

Founder of Miracles to Joy Coaching,
Medium, Speaker and Holistic Therapist

Living in Joy Program

I am so excited to share this programme with you. This programme is a fab follow on for those who took part in the 7 day challenge, but also for those who want to make lasting changes in their lives and live a more joyful life.

A this isn't for everyone, but it is for those who want to keep up with the wonderful changes that they have made in their lives. It is a programme that will kick start the next few months of your life. This will prepare you for the new start that September brings.

So if you want to:

Set new goals

practise forgiveness

Extend love to everyone including yourself

Work on your life purpose

Create daily practices

Then this could be for you

However, if you:

feel happy with every aspect of your life

already have daily practices

feel that you can move forward without a supportive group of people

feel like you've got this

Then this program may not be for you and that's totally cool.

The program includes:

videos every day

Goal setting


using your intuition

letting go

practising gratitude

creating daily practices

looking at mirroring

positive perception work

deeper work on limiting beliefs


and so much more, You will also have the support of a private Facebook group. Here is the link to the video I created for those who carried out the 7 day challenge

Your investment is £77.