Gemma Garbett

Founder of Miracles to Joy Coaching,
Medium, Speaker and Holistic Therapist

Mediumship Readings

Mediumship is when a Medium connects to people who have passed. This is a gift that I have had for a very long time. I use various methods to connect to spirit through you. This can include photos, angel/tarot cards or even an object. I then pass on any messages that those who have passed may have for you.

What I have found with Mediumship is that loved ones connect with you because there is something that they would like you to know. Now this could be a close relative, or in some cases it may be a friend or a distant relative. I love working so closely with spirit and I feel honoured to have such a wonderful gift that allows others to feel at peace and also to help them to relive memories of their time with departed friends and family.

I do not set a time limit for readings, purely because I will pass on whatever comes through and will not be restricted to a set time.

Readings can be done by Skype, in person, email and telephone

Mediumship readings are £25.

Reading parties also available