Gemma Garbett

Founder of Miracles to Joy Coaching,
Medium, Speaker and Holistic Therapist


Introduction to Energy Cleansing. 12th July 2017

Learn how to cleanse the energy of your home and other building using crystals and a variety of other methods.

Learn how to cleanse using the 4 elements.

I will teach you all of the skills necessary to eliminate unwanted energy, reenergise your home and set intentions for each room.

The workshop is £20 complete with a step by step handout to help you cleanse other places.

A £10 non refundable deposit is required on booking by PayPal or bank transfer.

Spaces are limited and for your comfort we will be sitting on yoga mats.

8:00pm until 9:30pm

Address: My home in Dudley

Developing your Intuition Sunday 23rd July

Would you love to develop your psychic skills but don't know where to start? Maybe you aren’t sure of how much help tapping into your own deep intuition would help you.

That’s why I created this full day psychic and spiritual awareness course, so you can connect, and develop with my support in a nurturing group environment.

Ground and protect yourself in a healthy way
Read Colours and learn how to apply your skills
How to use Angel cards
See and work with Auras
The art of Mediumship
How to Read for others
Discover the Courage for true Personal responsibility and self care.
Find the essence of your using Spiritual practices to connect you with your higher self.

Together we will also:

discover the art of meditation
Uncover the Insight into blocks to your development and remove them so you can move forward with your life in a more positive way

You will also get:
Full support from me
Access to our private Facebook where you can connect with other members of the group and read for each other. This group is vital for the development of your skills and for meeting like minded people.

So if you would like to develop your skills further, but you haven't known where to start or maybe you are someone who is already using these skills but would like to hone them further, then this group has been created for you.

The group size will be limited to 6.

Price £75
Payable by Paypal or Bank Transfer

Working with your Spirit Guides Wednesday 2nd August 

Every person has a team of spiritual helpers that are there to help us grow and develop, but more often than not we cannot sense them or feel them.

Connecting with your guides can be easy when we know how.

In this workshop you will:

find out who your guides are
Learn ways to connect with them in meditation
learn to call upom them to help with readings and for guidance
Know when you are connected to them

This workshop runs from 8:00pm til 9:30pm with time to connect with each other at the end

£35 payable in advance

Mediumship Workshop (2 dates available) Sunday 20th August or Sunday 24th August

I'm so excited to share this one day mediumship workshop with you.
It will be fun, informative and a day to embrace your connection with spirit.

We will use many different techniques to:
Deepen your connection
Increase your evidence
Increase your confidence
Look at the Clairs

And much more

Recent testimonial ' This workshop is amazing. If you are thinking about it just do it...there is a reason you thought and contemplated doing it and you will not be disappointed. I enjoyed every moment' (Leeanne, A. June 2017)


Drinks provided, please bring lunch

Cost £55 payable by PayPal or bank transfer